3. MODEL



One Cosmic Corps, at 3° Kelvin, with a 3000 km diameter, has penetrated into the magmatic crown of the Earth.
After some minutes it stroke the terrestral nucleus, very glucy, and impenetrable because its density is equal to 12. Its diameter is 6500 km.

Its trajectory had -105° angle versus Earth speed direction.
In the first time the Cosmic Corps push the viscous magma of the Earth nucleus into, around 400 km.
This displacement has absorbed 70% of its cinetic energy. Its speed has decreased from 60 km/s to 33 km/s.

In the second phase the Cosmic Corps slided on the nucleus, taking off several millions tons of magma, stuck to the surface by the gravitationl force.
The nucleus pushed it before, so the speed vector angle has been modified. Consequently the Cosmic Corps speed has decreased 1 km/s, during its setting in rotation by the tangential rubbing.
Reciprocal energy transfer has modified speed and cinetic moment of the Earth nucleus.

In the third phase the Cosmic Corps was not in contact with the Earth nucleus, but envelopped by liquid magma of the Earth crown. A very important mass of the Earth has been tooken off. The superficial tension has made a spheric volume around the Cosmic Corps. The magma layer thickness has been around 250 km.

This new corps near the Earth, without contact, has a speed module of 32 km>/s, with 10° angle in horizontal plan, versus the earth speed vector, with a small vertical speed. The writter has called this new corps : prélune.

The fourth phase consists on the prélune has moved before the Earth, witch has decreased its speed by gravitational influence. Its relative speed has been cancelled and the prélune has moved toward the Earth. It has passed near the Earth by the left, and has continued to move behind. Its relative speed has been cancelled and has moved toward the Earth, with passing on the RIGHT of the Earth.

Consequently the prélune was satellised arounde the Earth.
During several thousand years the prélune orbit has increased, its excentricity was stabilised.

Several small phenomenons have produced the new object in the solar systeme called : EARTH-MOON, wich turns around the Sun, as one corps.

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